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What is it?

Berth Booking EngineBerth Booking Engine is a software solution to find and book berths and optional services, that enables tourist marinas to adopt a strategic management of fee and availability, aiming at maximising occupancy rates and berth revenue. The main features include: immediate confirmation for bookings guaranteed by credit card; fee calculation by category, length and size (m2) of yacht; management of promotions, discounts, fees, waiting lists and cancellation policies.


Why use it?

  • To provide an innovative and quality service to customers proving to be always in step with the times.
  • To optimize berth profitability through a strategic management of fee and availability.
  • To implement marketing and distribution policies of not only the mooring but also of all services offered by the marina.
  • To be always visible and bookable online and in real time by yachters from all over the world.
  • To anticipate cash flow.



The solution is a web application consisting of a public interface (front-end) used by yachters to make a reservation and a private interface (back-office) used by tourist marinas to load rates, availabilities, information on port and offered services and in general on any other information required by the berth booking process.


What does it do?

Categories Management

This module defines the ranges in which boats are grouped based on their size.


Fares Management

This module generates the annual price list (Berth Standard) of each berth type (wharf, floating dock, buoy, etc.). Fee is calculated by category, length or size (m2) of yacht. Once the Berth Standard fares are generated, the tourist marina can define a number of child promotional fees (Berth Promo), make discounts and create integrated packages of services and moorings for its customers. Berth Booking Engine also allows the sale and the immediate quotation of additional services.


Fee Management

This module defines the taxes applied by each Berth Standard. A child fare inherits taxes from its Berth Standard. There is no limit to the number of taxes that can be added.


Discount Management

This module defines unlimited discounts based on the following types: gradual discount, group discount, buy X and pay Y discount, fixed discount, first and last minute discount.


Availability Management

This module looks for available berths according to the following parameters: date of arrival, date of departure, number of nights, number of berths, type of boat, length and beam. It defines how to manage the number of berths assigned to each fare and updates the number of available berths when a new booking occurs. It implements the in nesting modality which meets the demand for berths in a sold out category, by removing, if available, berths from a lower category. Finally it makes use of the upper class method which offers a higher category for those days where the exact one is sold out, with the result of not losing the potential sale.



Our team offers:

  • Training on how to use the Berth Booking Engine together with training aid.
  • Email and/or telephone support 5 days out of 7 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. , reply within 48 working hours.
  • Maintenance and update of the Berth Booking Engine functionalities.

Berth Booking Engine is a registered trademark of Edisfera Srl