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Edisfera internet projects

edisfera is specialized in managing projects concerning the start up or restyling of Internet sites as well as offering services of web content management. In particular, we take care of the design or of the revision of:

  • editorial and architectural structure of the site;
  • navigation tree with the layout of content and navigation tracks throughout the different levels and pages;
  • editorial plan with guidelines on the content, definition of the navigation tree, thematic areas and indexes, frequency of updating, definition of style and language;
  • content (creation of new content or revision of the existing ones);
  • graphic interface

In the field of Web Content Management edisfera is specialized in:

  • training and coordinating the editing team of the Client, through:
    • training activities (discuss the editorial plan, draft the guidelines for content, explain the communication model used as well as the modalities and frequency of updating of the site sections);
    • monitoring (of updates and content published).
  • managing by outsourcing the ongoing updating of the site, setting up a strict cooperation with the Client in defining modalities, frequency and deadlines, through:
    • a constant audit of the content assuring uniformity of style and language according to the rules of web usability and to the editorial plan;
    • editing of new content.