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Edisfera internet projects

We transform your ideas into online applications aiming to optimize your business.

Our projects are compatible with most browsers and validated by W3C standards.

We are experts in Photoshop, Flash, HTML, CSS, XHTML and Web 2.0 environments.

We develop all kinds of websites and portals; we create ad hoc integrated web applications, reservation systems for events or sales of goods and services (eBooking, eCommerce) and solutions for the development of communities and networks (forums, blogs, integration with Facebook, YouTube, etc...).

Our experience broadens in the eLearning and Customer Relationship Management fields, through the creation of online training solutions and support systems for customer contact (direct email marketing).

Our solutions are developed from well-defined standards and frameworks providing flexible, strong and secure response to the client, followed up with after-sales service and maintenance support.

Our expertise ranges from Open Source environment to Microsoft technologies.

The development process of a web application undergoes different phases, to which the client is invited to participate through feedback and input:

  • Collection and analysis of customer requirements
  • Drafting of the requirement documens
  • Development of the prototype
  • Database development
  • Development of the functional aspects of the application
  • Tests & Integration
  • Final verification
  • Release
  • Maintenance

Contact us today to discuss your ideas for your online application and we will help you focus on your goals, details and vision of success for your business.