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Edisfera internet projects

Edisfera uses Open Source platform Content Management System (CMS) DotNetNuke for Website and content creation and management . This CMS platform is used by more than 700,000 websites in the world and has an active community of nearly one million users.

The use of a CMS solution enables you :

  • to easily and quickly update contents without having specific IT expertise;
  • to perform updates using either internal workforce or Edisfera’s staff regardless of their geographical location;
  • to manage contents in multiple languages;
  • to ensure that the same graphics and layouts are applied to all the pages of the site;
  • to improve the website with internal (customer database) and external data sources (third parties)
  • to lay down the foundation for future development and functional enhancements, integrating platforms with other solutions available on the market.

Together with the creation of Internet projects Edisfera offers customers a hosting service on its servers in Tiscali’s data housing center in Rome.

The technical characteristics of our hosting are the following:

  1. Exposes server to Internet which hosts the web server, with the following characteristics:
    1. Web server IIS 7.5. with NET version 3.5.
    2. Windows 2008 R2 Standard - Service Pack 1 operating system
  2. Server is not exposed to the Internet to ensure data security containing the database used in the website with the following characteristics:
    1. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database engine - Service Pack 1
    2. Windows 2008 R2 Standard - Service Pack 1 operating system.
  3. Firewall server security as stated in paragraph 1 to ensure safety of the website and data from external attacks and unauthorized access.

In addition to the above features, our servers gather data on an encrypted datastorage thereby increasing their own safety by protecting themselves both from theft in the server / datastorage during third party repair actions or hard disk replacement.

The data in servers and databases are subject to automatic daily back up. The backups are kept for one month in Tiscali’s data center and are simultaneously moved to a different location to ensure no data loss due to natural disasters or events that may partially or totally destroy the data center in which they reside.

There are no limitations of web and database space and reports on traffic and access to the website are provided. Finally, 4Mbps bandwidth of input / output to / from the Internet is guaranteed. Below is a diagram of the configuration of our servers:

Diagram of the configuration of our servers